Losing It

You've got to get lost to get found


As I sit here with a cat twitching on my lap (I do wonder what they dream about…) and an increasingly achy back (the cat’s comfort comes first), I wonder do I have anything to say that is worth saying. I clearly think that is the case every time I open my mouth. But when I write, it all seems too unimportant to warrant the typed-out words. Why does the spoken word have so little value to me and the written so much? Why do I think what I say out loud is worthy of being shared and what I write down should be discarded immediately? Luckily the world is full of blogs and this one need not attract your attention nor kill any trees. The words here are like my spoken words, nothing more than air. Despite not valuing my words, I do hope that you, the unlucky reader who has stumbled on my blog, get to take something good or useful away from it. Forgive me, if I waste your time.


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