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Life Is Not Fair

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Today’s lesson is that life is not fair.


How often do I forget that? Every day and several times a day. Then when life reminds me that there is nothing fair about it, I sit there scratching my head wondering how it can be possible – by what logic, what chain of events did this happen? Then I scream, cry, or rant about how unfair it is – and yes, it is unfair – and what I have again forgotten is that life is unfair. I need to accept this. I need to remember this. If I can, then it won’t upset me as much. I think I’ll tattoo it on my hand so that every time I look down, I will remember – and hopefully accept.

Your plans will not work out, no matter how detail-oriented you are. You know what you want – hiking through the hills of Tuscany – and you’ve come up with a plan to get it. You start learning Italian. You research the trails in the area. You put money aside every month to save for this ultimate┬ádream vacation. But then you get laid off from your job, your father falls ill, and your boyfriend leaves you – but you can still go to Italy if you want… The best laid plans fail. Life is unfair. You’re at the mercy of luck.

Good things do not happen to good people. You treat everyone respectfully. You are kind and helpful. You refuse to tell lies. You give credit where credit is due. You regularly give cake and chocolates to those around you. You even try to filter your thoughts and only have nice thoughts. What do you expect from this? That people around you be good too, especially to you. That would only be fair. But this doesn’t happen. Good people are doormats to the rest of the world. Goodness is not rewarded with kindness and gratitude. It is taken for granted.

You will not get what you deserve. This is no meritocracy. You can work hard, work well, work long hours – but that will change nothing. If you get recognition, a raise, a promotion… it will be good luck. But in all likelihood, you will get nothing. Instead some sickeningly sweet ass-kisser will get the recognition, raise, promotion – and you’ll just be stuck there working hard, well, and long into the night.

photo credit: Beckywithasmile via photopin cc


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