Losing It

You've got to get lost to get found

It’s My Party

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Have you ever organized a party only to have it crashed by someone unwelcome? Did it ruin your party? How about a dream?


You see, I had this dream and I shared this dream with someone, someone who I thought had the same dreams. Instead this person did a 180 on me. Not only was my dream rejected, it was also belittled and ridiculed. Our friendship ended shortly after this.

Then to my surprise, I found out that this very person was going after my dream – after my precise dream – and was competing with me to realize an even better version of it. I tried to brush it off. After all, my dream is still my dream regardless of what other people may be thinking or doing. She would surely lose interest since it was only a borrowed (or stolen) dream. But I forgot who she was: competitive, stubborn, and extremely selfish. There was no way of shaking her off her new mission. That beautiful image of my dream becoming reality now had a dark shadow hovering in the background – my party-crasher. My blue skies had turned a somber grey.

So what do you do when your dream gets crashed? Cry? Believe me that’s what I wanted to do. I also considered abandoning my dream because it was now sullied. But there are dreams and there is life, and life will never be as idyllic as the dream. There will always be clouds. It’s up to you to decide whether these clouds are going to ruin your day or whether you can look past them at the blue sky. Despite the constant reminders that someone else is also going after my dream (and probably just to spite me), I’m going to stay focussed on my dream and try to restore the beauty of that original image. When my dream comes true, it will procure the happiness it promised (and this will not be the case of my copycat – only your own dreams and shared dreams can make you happy, borrowed and stolen ones will just leave you feeling empty).

photo credit: dreams & pancakes via photopin cc


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