Losing It

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The Moment Before Waking


Saturday and Sunday mornings, before my brain kicks in, I lie in bed in a state of complete relaxation. I can sense the daylight behind the curtains through my closed eyelids. I can hear the birds and gentle roar of distant traffic – a train, a plane, a car, a pedestrian pulling a trolley… Spread like a starfish across the bed with two arms hugging a pillow, I am cushioned by a cloud just warm enough to keep me cosy, just warm enough to allow me to appreciate the fresh cool sheets just five inches from where my body lies should I reach out and touch them. I could languish here forever.


But then the brain kicks in dragging all its messy issues into this peaceful paradise. First there are the work issues – ever a source of stress, ever a source of problems, constantly challenging me for unpleasant solutions. Then there are my doubts and insecurities – I scrutinize what is wrong with me, try to understand why I am not enough, focus on people who have what I want and feed my jealousies. Then there are the time issues – there is not enough time for my life between work, chores, family and social duties, no time for me and my dreams – and why because I am wasting this precious time lying in bed! Finally, the physical issues kick in – the call of the bathroom won’t let me rest another minute – there is no position that will alleviate the pressure on my bladder.

I get up and go to the bathroom.

Afterwards I go back to bed, but it’s too late. The initial bliss is gone. The brain demons are gone too, but their shadows remain. Only one thing left to save the day – get up, go for a run and chase the darkness away.

Daily Prompt: Linger

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11 thoughts on “The Moment Before Waking

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  3. The first thing I thought of before I even read your response and just looking at the title, was that “moment before waking”, when you’re just about to wake up from a dream. You’re trying to stay in the dream and you’re trying to hold on to that fantasy state before you wake up and as you put it, “dragging messy issues into a peaceful paradise.”

    • You’re right – the title is slightly off. It’s not the moment before waking, but the moment between sleeping and waking when the dream world and the real world overlap, when you are aware of how delicious sleep is. It is fleeting, but truly one of the best moments.

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