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A Lesson Learned

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A small lesson in how to love myself from one of my closest friends who has taught me so much in this area.

I remember going back to her place and seeing how tidy it was.

It was a hot summer evening and she had invited me over for dinner after work. She lived in my favorite part of Paris. In fact, she had made it my favorite part of Paris, showing me all the hidden treasures and simple pleasures that this unpretentious sector had to offer. We pried our wet sweaty clothes from our backs as we exited the metro, fanned ourselves with papers, and relished the intense summer heat. There is nothing better than a real Parisian summer, even though they are so rare and even though they involve sweating it out with some of the not-so-hygienic residents of the city. We were ranting about the latest insults from upper management as we dodged other pedestrians in our hurry to get back to her place. She opened the door and there in front of me I saw this perfectly tidy (and typically tiny) apartment. I gawked, “Do you make your bed every day before going to work?”. She laughed and said, “Yes, coming home to an unmade bed is so depressing!”


I thought that I’d barely noticed this statement, but looking back I can observe that I gradually became tidier and tidier. First, I started by making my bed every morning before going to work – an act of admiration of my friend. Then, I started doing the dishes after meals (and not just before the next meal). Now it’s all routine. I clean as I make the mess. I go to bed in a clean apartment and make my bed before going to work. And when I come home in the evening, I feel welcomed as a special guest by this tidy apartment and I feel more at home than ever.

Even the smallest moment or the smallest statement can have a big impact on our lives whether we intend it to or not.

Daily Prompt: BFFs
What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

Some music to accompany your reading: Alicia Keys – Lesson Learned

photo credit: nataliakhokhlova1 via photopin cc


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