Losing It

You've got to get lost to get found


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The lights went out and the reality poured in. Truth wiped out lies – lies that had been taken for truth. One reality replaced another tearing down every tree in its path and leaving a sprawling desert behind. Day turned to night. The darkness swirled around searching through every nook and cranny, extinguishing every spark. The former reality crumbled under the new reality. How delicate it had really been and yet it had seemed so solid, so reliable, so real… But it was false – just a believable story.  And she had been so gullible, so easy to convince.


Now, faced with the new reality – the truth (or was it?), she wanted to go back, she wanted to believe again. But the illusion was broken. The shards could not be glued back together again and the more she tried, the more she shredded her fingers on the splinters. Yet she really tried to make them fit. This new world was so devoid of beauty, love, and hope. If she could just believe again…

But there was no going back. The new reality had taken over, had taken its place. Memories were re-recorded, re-categorized, re-evaluated. Good times were now bad times. Heaven had turned to hell. Everything was the same, but the light that shone on it making it beautiful was gone, and sinister shadows now swallowed the past, present, and future. Her beautiful world was gone. It didn’t matter which way she looked, all was dark.  To comfort herself she whispered, “Darker exists – you can always go darker.” and she feared that this is what would happen, she would discover even darker places.

photo credit: Geoff LMV via photopin cc


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