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Rock Bottom – There’s Always Lower

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When life delivers one of its cruelest blows, you reassure yourself with “rock bottom”. Either you tell yourself that you have hit rock bottom and the only way from here is up, or you tell yourself that there’s so much worse out there and, although you’re suffering, there are others out there who have truly hit rock bottom. So hidden within this expression of despair is hope and one of the purest forms of hope – hope for something intangible – hope for better.


In the first case, rock bottom means an end to the fall. You can’t fall any further. You won’t suffer any deeper. Your current suffering will fade out. At this stage, hope is so fragile, so small, so quiet. It has no form. You don’t know what this hope for better will look like. You just know that better is ahead – hope whispers it to you.

In the second case, you know that you are still lucky. There is worse and you haven’t experienced that yet.

Well, here’s hoping that my case is the first. And here’s to the crawl back up.

photo credit: Kuyan Redman via photopin cc


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